Answers to some Questions

//Answers to some Questions

Answers to some Questions

We have had a few questions about registration that we want to clear up.

First, we want to give people the chance to cancel their registration without being charged a fee.  So, until March 10th, you may cancel your registration without being charged a cancellation fee.

Secondly, registrations are nontransferable, meaning you cannot give your spot to someone else. We know many of you mean well in wanting to give up a spot to a friend or relative, but our waitlist has many hopeful children waiting for a spot in camp. We want all those kids to have an equal chance at a spot that opens up.

Lastly, we will wait for another 2 weeks before we post any waitlist openings. This will give people time to cancel, if they want, and time for us to double and triple check any spots we have open.

We hope this clears up some questions.

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