Waterfront Director Hired

Good Afternoon, I am pleased to announce that I have hired Gwen O’Connell as Waterfront Director for her second summer at Camp Wakeshma. Gwen is completing her freshman year at Knox College and working toward a degree in creative writing. She has spent 8 summers out at camp and 4 working on staff. I [...]

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New wait list process

We will reinstate a version of our former waitlist method to fill future available spots. Moving forward, we will no longer use the computerized system of waitlists for Junior’s camp, and Coeds 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6. To continue to be on the waitlist, please print out an enrollment form under the [...]

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Employment Opportunity

Camp Wakeshma is looking for qualified candidates for the position of program director for Summer of 2017. Interested applicants must have excellent leadership skills and love camp. The ideal candidate for program director would have experience at Wakeshma, to ensure that our traditions are maintained. I would prefer that the person in this position [...]

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Answers to some Questions

We have had a few questions about registration that we want to clear up. First, we want to give people the chance to cancel their registration without being charged a fee.  So, until March 10th, you may cancel your registration without being charged a cancellation fee. Secondly, registrations are nontransferable, meaning you cannot give [...]

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