Hello from your Executive Director, Liz!

I know many of you have been waiting for answers about registration, waitlists, and the option of 100% capacity at camp this summer so I wanted to update you with the information that I have and hopefully that will help answer most of those questions.

I apologize again for the inconvenience that the website glitch caused when attempting to register for camp. This is something that will be addressed before next year to avoid the waitlist confusion. That being said, I am still working on re-ordering the waitlists to match up with the registration attempt time stamps. Because of this, I am unable to give you the spot number for your camper on the waitlist. 

The next Camp Wakeshma board meeting is on April 12th and at that meeting, the topic of opening up to full capacity is on the agenda. The board will vote and if the results are in favor of us opening up registration to full camp capacity, I will post on our website, social media platforms, and send the information out in an email. April 14th will be the day that UltraCamp will be updated with the correct capacity numbers and will start dipping into the waitlists. 

I hope this information helps you with plans moving forward and I do apologize for the frustrations caused by the website. Thank you for giving me grace.

You’ll be hearing from me soon!

Liz Loy

Executive Camp Director

Camp Wakeshma

[email protected]