Health Officer

Responsible to: Executive Director, On-Site Director

A health officer shall be 1 of the following:

  1. A licensed physician.
  2. A licensed physician’s assistant.
  3. A licensed nurse practitioner.
  4. A registered nurse.
  5. A licensed practical nurse.
  6. A licensed emergency medical technician.
  7. A licensed medical first responder.
  8. An adult who is certified as a wilderness first responder or has met the requirements equivalent to those set forth by the National Outdoor Leadership School manual number 16175, which is adopted by reference in R 4000.11103.
  9. If less than 20% of the camper population are campers with a disability, the health officer may be an adult who has satisfactorily completed training and certification that is equivalent to the requirements in American Red Cross manual number 656137 which is adopted by reference in R 400.11103.

Duties of the Health Officer: 

  • Promote the attributes of the C.A.M.P.P Community. 
  • Work to ensure a safe, functional camp. 
  • Meet with parents at check-in to collect and organize  Health History Forms and Medication. 
  • Distribute medication after meals and in the evening to campers and staff members. 
  • Assist with any medical needs throughout the day and overnight as needed. 
  • Distribute leftover medications to camper/parents at checkout. 
  • Help with homesick campers. 
  • Live on-site to help assist campers with medical needs 24 hours a day. 
  • Help with homesick campers. 
  • Maintain a clean, functional, and organized health officer and med shed. 
  • Keep all camper/ staff health information organized and accessible. 
  • Maintain privacy of camper/staff medical needs. 
  • Ensure that all medications are kept locked up. 
  • Inform camp director of important medical issues. 
  • Report suspected abuse to camp director. 
  • Work to ensure that camp passes health inspections. 
  • Perform other duties as determined by the Executive Camp Director.