Waterfront Director
Responsible to: Executive Camp Director
•promote the attributes of the C.A.M.P. Wakeshma community
•lead waterfront staff
•lead any staff member working at the waterfront (buddy board attendants)
•work to ensure a safe waterfront
•promote high levels of communication with program director and staff to ensure a connected camp
•assist in growth of waterfront staff through meetings
•work with the program director to develop and evaluate the day-to-day operation of the waterfront
programs, cabin activities, and classes
•help develop staff training
•help facilitate staff training
•work with the director and program director to develop and facilitate waterfront emergency drills
•conduct swim tests
•facilitate a waterfront class
•facilitate water carnival and all other “major” waterfront programs
•report needed repairs to the maintenance director
•help with waterfront maintenance
•ensure that waterfront staff has needed certifications
•hire, train, supervise, and evaluate lifeguards

support operation of med shed

•participate in/assist with check-in/check-out procedures relating to campers’ health

•supervise and assist lifeguards in cleaning of bathhouse
•order, inventory, and monitor bathhouse supplies (toilet paper, paper towels, soap) as well as
cleaning supplies
• work to ensure camp passes health inspections
•perform other duties as determined by the Executive Camp Director
Leave time: The waterfront director will get two evenings off per week, from 5:00 PM to midnight,
unless a work week is shortened to just 4 nights. Then one evening off is permitted.