Making Summers:

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Forge enduring friendships, dive into thrilling adventures, and create memories that will last a lifetime. From sunrise swims to bonfire nights, every moment is a chance to embrace the pure, unbridled fun that only summer camp can offer.

New Friends & Old Traditions

Dear Parents and Campers,
Entering our 99th summer at Camp Wakeshma we are excited to provide all of our campers with an amazing environment for growth and learning. Nestled along the waters of Corey Lake, Camp Wakeshma traditions grow as deep as the roots of its trees. Throughout our history, Camp Wakeshma has been a safe and enchanting summer home for many. This summer will be no different!

A celebration of new friends, campfires, sing-alongs, and countless activities is what keeps campers coming back year after year. The rustic atmosphere is an inviting setting for kids of all ages to explore. Spend this summer making tie-dye shirts, cooling off in Corey Lake and relaxing in the Michigan sunshine!

Band Camp, Juniors Camp, and CoEd camp schedule can all be found here.

How to register and how much tuition costs per camper per week.

Get started with all the forms we require of campers as well as a printable packing list to make prepping easy.

So Many Things Happening at Camp Wakeshma

Where the Wild Things Roam

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