There are many activities that campers can sign up for including Nature/hiking, Arts and crafts, Archery, Air Rifle, Dance, Yoga, Boating, Sailing(older campers), and Swimming.  We also have group activities like Capture the flag, Skit night, and dances.

Camp Wakeshma accepts credit and debit cards for registration online through UltraCamp. When you arrive at camp to check your camper in, we accept cash, check, and Apple Pay for store accounts.

We can be contacted by mail, phone, or email.

Mailing Address
Camp Wakeshma
59149 Camp Wakeshma Road
Three Rivers, MI 49093

Telephone Number
Camp Office: (269) 244-5891

Email us

All Wakeshma counselors and employees undergo background checks and screening.

The week before the camp season starts all counselors and employees have staff training.  During that time counselors receive training in first aid and CPR; camp rules and regulations; and most importantly how to help you son or daughter have the best week of their life.  As directors we spend a lot of time hiring the best and most qualified counselors we can find and are very proud of the young men and women that work at Camp Wakeshma.
Check-out is from 8:00-10:00 am for all sessions, no matter what day the session ends. Please do not arrive at camp before your child’s session check-out time as the gate will be closed.

When the gate opens, you will enter camp, park your car and reunite with your camper by returning to the cabin in which they were assigned. If you arrive right away, please wait for your camper to receive his or her camp picture, class card (a fun keep-sake signed by the instructors of the activities your child took throughout their session), the remaining camp store money from their personal account, and a camp DVD if you decide to purchase one. After hugs and kisses, please sign out your child by showing the cabin counselor a valid ID (the individual checking out your child must be authorized on their Camper Release Form…regardless if the individual is the immediate parent or guardian, relative, family friend or sibling.)

Note: a child will not be released to ANY individual that is not given authorization on the form or has a valid ID to prove their identity.

Once you have signed your child out with their cabin counselor, please assist them in gathering their belongings from their bunk and cubby (assigned space for campers within the cabins). Be sure to have them check under their bunk, the numerous shelves within their cabin, the clothesline outside their cabin and the designated “Lost and Found” area (the picnic table by the store) for any forgotten or misplaced belongings.

If your child came to camp with medication, be sure to pick it up from our Camp Health Officer at our medical building (The Med Shed). There will be a pancake and sausage breakfast being served in the dining lodge until 9:30 am for campers and the individuals checking them out. This is a great time to hear all about the fun your child had during their session and a wonderful opportunity to meet some Wakeshma staff members! The Camp Store will be open for clothing purchases during check-out (cash, check, and Apple Pay accepted). There will be a designated area where donations for staff appreciation (cash, check, or Venmo) will be greatly accepted to reward our hard-working staff!

If you leave behind any belongings, please make arrangements with the Camp Director to pick them up from camp before the end of our summer season.

The gates will be open from 2-4 PM on Sunday for each camping session, our gates will be locked until this time. All campers must be accompanied by a Parent or Guardian during check-in.

The check-in stations will be located down the scenic drive, near the parking lot. Our staff will be directing traffic. Prepare to stand in line, there could be up to 132 campers ahead of you!

Once you reach the check-in tables you will go through a series of stations where you will:

  • Check your camper into camp
  • Deposit money into your child’s Camp Store account
  • Hand in your child’s Camper Confidential and Camper Release Forms
  • Meet our Camp Health Officer to go over your child’s Health History Form and medication

After going through the stations, your child will then receive his or her cabin assignment.

Once your child has settled into their cabin we ask that you make your leave swiftly—this allows our counselors to start establishing a comfortable camp relationship that will add to their amazing camp experience.

Our gates close at 4PM, be sure to arrive early to ensure plenty of time to explore the beautiful surroundings that your child will call home for the next week!

If for any reason your child will be late checking in, please contact us ahead of time to make arrangements.

We also advise that you to plan your route to Camp Wakeshma ahead of time, and check on its condition. Sometimes roadwork causes extended travel time, if this becomes an issue on your way to camp, please contact us.

Please carefully read the instructions and our cancellation/refund policy provided below .

This year, to purchase a camp, you will need to…

  1. Create an account for Camp Wakeshma in UltraCamp. This account will help us to communicate with you and expedite your ability to sign up for the camp you want in the most efficient way. This step MUST be done before you can register. You can create the account any time between now and when you register. When you create your account, you will go to the following link

Please bookmark this link as a favorite so it is easy for you to get to in the future. Using the link from this email, or bookmarked, will greatly lessen the likelihood that the website will crash when it is time to register.

  1. Register your camper starting on Registration Day. All camps will be purchased online. We will NOT accept mail-in registrations, so the only way to purchase a camp is to create an account in UltraCamp then register online. When you register you will simply go to your account that you set up and sign up for camps you want.

Things to know about registration…

  • You will only be able to purchase one camp per child during the first week of registration. After that you may sign up for another camp. After another week, if there are still camps open, you can sign up for a third week, and so on….
  • Our waiting list will be completely electronic via an email that will be sent out. We will take people off the waiting list to offer them a spot in camp. Campers registered for a week of camp will be offered spots after anyone who does not have a week of camp secured.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

* CANCELLATIONS MUST BE MADE by phone call, email, or written notice two weeks prior to the camp session you wish to cancel.

* A refund of your payment will be granted, minus $50.00, until two weeks before the scheduled camp session regardless of the reason for cancellation.

* If a cancellation is made within two weeks before the scheduled camp session, no refund will be granted regardless of the reason for cancellation.

* Upon arrival at camp no fees are refundable except due to COVID-19 positive cases.

Camp Wakeshma is located on Corey Lake in Three Rivers, MI-

59149 Camp Wakeshma Road
Three Rivers, MI 49093

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