Because of the uncertainty of the pandemic we are going to be keeping registration at 80% capacity and plan to reevaluate in April with the hopes of opening up at full capacity. That being said, PLEASE JOIN THE WAITLIST if your camper doesn’t get in for this first registration. We will pull from the waitlists as soon as we get the approval to open up to 100% capacity.

You may sign up at this time for the waitlist for other camps you hope to get into after registering for one camp. The waitlist will be first come, first serve. After a week of registration has passed, you will be able to sign up for additional camps, if available.


We are slowly opening up spots over the next few days in order to not have any website glitches this time. As we open the sessions up, there will be an email sent out, in order, to the people on the waitlist. When the email is sent, the person has 48 hours to register* before it goes to the next person on the list.

*Please only register for one camp if you are on multiple waitlists. For many camps, the waitlists are longer than our actual capacity, so we want to give everyone a fair opportunity to attend a camp session.

If you are unable to get into the camp session you were waitlisted for, and your camper plays a band instrument, there are still spots available for our Band Camp. It will be an amazing session as we have both Beth Jonker from Mattawan Schools and Cheryl Thomas from Three Rivers Schools leading the band!!!