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Experience tells me some campers wear the same thing all week, others change often. Regardless, each camper has a cubby 48“h x 23”w x 12”d ( think carry-on luggage size) with two hooks to house their belongings. A fitted sheet to cover the mattress, a sleeping bag, top sheet and pillow makes a good bedding option. Beach, bath, hand towel and washcloth may be useful, although there are also those who choose a dip in the lake as their preferred method of bathing in which case an extra beach towel works fine, no bath or hand towel or washcloth is necessary. Water bottle clearly marked with campers name, tennis shoes, hat, bug spray, and sunscreen have proven to be useful. There is a banquet and dance at the end of the week and although some choose to dress up it is not necessary. For a more detailed packing list click here.